Oct 15, 2019

Is having an Apple TV enough to cancel cable or satellite Sadly, some of what Apple does offer through AppleTV still has to be coupled with a subscription through cable or satellite providers so for some folks, it's really not enough. Especially if you're into a lot of sports or a lot of network TV shows, so that's clearly a bummer and something I'm not so sure will go away because that means more I Cut the Cord for DirecTV Now: Here’s the Pros and Cons By Caitlin McGarry 01 April 2018 DirecTV Now is a lot cheaper than cable, and I got a free Apple TV in the deal, but there are also some kinks to be worked out. OT - Can I cast my DirecTV app from my iPad to my TV I tried this. Talked to several retail spots and an apple guy. The only way I could do it was to use an Apple TV. Then download the DirecTV app onto the Apple TV. There was no way to cast it otherwise. You can get a firestick or other brand but you’ll have to go through another device for it to work. How to Watch the Hallmark Channel on Roku, Fire TV, & Apple TV

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Oct 27, 2018 · You can manage and setup DirecTV Now on Apple TV with its 4th generation device. To do this, you require either a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection or even an Ethernet cable connection will do. Like all contemporary streaming devices, Apple TV also uses an HDMI cable for connection.

DirecTV Now Revives Apple TV Deal: Prepay for Four Months Apr 01, 2019 DIRECTV Gets Apple TV App Integration - The Mac Observer