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What are Piracy Laws? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK Jun 16, 2020 Is pirating legal in Australia? : Piracy I live in a country where pirating is legal as long as you don't sell it but i know in some countries (like USA) you can get fined. I'm going to be in Australia for a couple of months so i wanted to now if its safe to pirate while there.

Piracy has been a problem that the movie industry has been struggling with for decades. But illegal movie downloads are now hitting an all-time-low, largely thanks to the rise of legitimate streaming services. But that doesn’t mean piracy doesn’t happen anymore! Here is a brief rundown on the piracy laws in Australia.

Oct 14, 2015 Federal Penalties for Downloading Pirated Movies | Our

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Site-Blocking and Anti-Piracy Legislation in Australia Jul 09, 2016 Pirating films and shows in Australia is about to get a Oct 18, 2018