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50 Best PG 13 Movies on Netflix for Tweens and Teens - 730 Mar 26, 2018 10 Best Tween-Friendly Scary Films - EnkiVillage Top 10 Scary Movies for Tweens When it is time to upgrade from the sweet endings of the classic children’s films, families may begin to look for scarier films, especially starter options. The following options are the right mix of kid-friendly with a little bit of scary. Movies for 12 Year-Olds | Good Films for a Twelve-Year-Old Mar 25, 2020 Scary Movies for Kids - Common Sense Media

Majdoulene wrote: "is before I fall a good book for a 13 years old girl" I have read Before i fall, and i'm 12. It was a bit old for me, but an amazing book. The only things that were a little gross was teenage behavior and language. you should definitely read it though:)

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