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On-Demand Mounting with Autofs | Administration Guide autofs is a program that automatically mounts specified directories on an on-demand basis. It is based on a kernel module for high efficiency, and can manage both local directories and network shares. These automatic mount points are mounted only when they are accessed, and … How to use autofs to mount NFS shares | Jun 05, 2018 How To Install AutoFS on Linux – devconnected AutoFS is a utility that mount local or remote drives only when they are accessed : if you don’t use them, they will be unmounted automatically. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can install and configure AutoFS on Linux systems. On-Demand Mounting with Autofs | Reference | openSUSE Leap

On-Demand Mounting with Autofs | Administration Guide

Jan 25, 2016 Active Directory AutoFS maps to AD bound Linux clients AutoFS maps for Kerberized SMB mounts (Single Sign On) In this example we are creating an autofs map called "auto.smb" for a Linux mount point "/smb" which will mount the smb share "smb" being shared by Qumulo cluster "qumulo-cluster" Note: The initial set up of the automounter OU and the auto.master entry is the same as the NFS example shown macos - Automount samba folder on Mac - Stack Overflow

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Where "/etc/" contains the "direct" mount point and your cifs mount info that you previously had in "myserver.autofs" - i.e.: /media/server/files -fstype=cifs,rw ://server/files I am new to autofs and was not able to get an "indirect" mapping working for a cifs mount but … How To Configure Autofs (Automount) In Linux » IT SMART TRICKS Oct 17, 2019