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When this type is used as the imageType argument to a BufferedImage constructor, the created image is consistent with images created in the JDK1.1 and earlier releases. public static final int: TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE : Represents an image with 8-bit RGBA color components packed into integer pixels. The image has a DirectColorModel with alpha. The ITEXT BUFFEREDIMAGE TO PDF - PDF For Me Jul 01, 2019 Drawing on a Buffered Image : BufferedImage « 2D Graphics Creating a BufferedImage from an Image object: 16.27.3. A buffered image is a type of image whose pixels can be modified. 16.27.4. BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB: 16.27.5. TYPE_INT_RGB and TYPE_INT_ARGB are typically used: 16.27.6. Create buffered image that does not support transparency: 16.27.7. Create a buffered image that supports transparency

Useful class for converting Image objects into BufferedImage objects. This is necessary if you are doing image manipulation since the majority of image

Java converting Image to BufferedImage - Stack Overflow Small Thing to OP: Method returns a BufferedImage by its signature. There is no need to first assign to an Image variable then cast to type BufferedImage. That might confuse people reading your code. – kevinarpe Aug 8 '13 at 15:33 | Java Code Examples for java.awt.image.BufferedImage

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