The Chinese Communist Party has ruled the country since 1949, tolerating no opposition and often dealing brutally with dissent. The country's most senior decision-making body is the standing

CHINESE POLITICS EXPLAINED SIMPLY || WHY IS CHINA Jun 20, 2019 China admits coronavirus exposed ‘weak links’ in health system May 23, 2020

Presidency. State Council. Central Military Commission. Supreme People's Court. Supreme People's Procuratorate. Central Leadership. Local Leadership.

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How China cornered the facial recognition surveillance

China - The role of the government | Britannica China has been a socialist country since 1949, and, for nearly all of that time, the government has played a predominant role in the economy. In the industrial sector, for example, the state long owned outright nearly all of the firms producing China’s manufacturing output. The proportion of overall industrial capacity controlled by the government has gradually declined, although heavy industries have … China’s Basic System of Government May 30, 2015 Chinese Government | US-China Business Council Chinese Government China's leadership, as well as the functions, responsibilities and contact information for China's central government agencies and departments. Government agencies refer to the offices under the State Council, China's cabinet.