Hey peterm777. Sounds like a router gone bad to me. I would power off all the pc's, then reset the router to factory specs. See if you can connect wirelessly to the default SSID of the router.

The Netgear router is the second router in this instance, and has always behaved that way. I do not know in which mode the modem is in. After looking on the site (to make changes), i didn't find a way to change this. With my statement, i meant that all devices except the Netgear router can connect to the internet via the ethernet cable. Apr 20, 2020 · Restart your router or PS4. Restarting your router and playstation 4 often fixes most errors! Do a hard reset by turning it off and removing the power supply. Wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. Before turning your PS4 back on make sure your router is turned off. Turn on your PS4 and then your router. Change DNS Settings Select push button (WPS), wait for 2 minutes. So your router can detect the printer in the network. Once your wifi router finds the printer, it will automatically connect your printer to the wifi. Update the Epson printer firmware- When your Epson printer can’t connect to the wifi network, you should also think of updating the printer firmware. Physically, the router is situated between your laptop and the Internet connection or broadband modem. In the above setup, your laptop would connect directly to the router, not to the modem. (In fact, all computers on the local network connect to the router, not directly to the modem.) My work laptop (Dell Latitude 5510) running Windows 7 connects wirelessly to my home FIOS router with a strong signal, but won't connect to the internet. I have a number of other devices that connect wirelessly through the router to the internet without an issue. My work laptop connects without an issue on other wireless networks (including FIOS).

Unable to connect to the internet through wireless router Original Title: Network issue through router one more thing very strange which is when i face this network icon rotating issue i connect my cell phone to my router through wi-fi & it works good but the scenario with my desktop is the same icon keep on rotating. i use a basic wireless

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Isolate and troubleshoot. It will either work or will be marked as dead. Try these steps, if internet is working on wired PC and not on wireless devices, * Reboot the router > Check the wireless connection * If not working, Login to the router > G

Ethernet Won't Connect to the Internet Through Unmanaged dsl is connected through a modem/router I have a pc connected at the end of 50 [or less] cat5 cable a direct connection [female punch down connections at each end] works I've tried to add an unmanaged switch The network manager shows a connection, but I can't access the internet I've tried 2 different switchs [cisco & TP-link] same result The 2 Solved: My computer won't connect to the internet 3. When it does connect (via Ethernet) it the connection drops out for many reasons. a) if the computer hibernates or goes to sleep the internet won't work when I wake it up. b) if the router thing is disconnected from the outlet it won't work and I have to set it back up. Internet down? If a router reboot doesn't work, try this Connect to your network through ethernet. (You know - the cable) What to look for. If the problem goes away after connecting through ethernet, there's a good chance something is interfering with your wireless. How to solve. Avoid wireless networks when you can't afford disruptions (i.e. keep your computer plugged into ethernet). I can't get dish online to connect through to the internet