tcp 0 0* LISTEN 25538/sshd tcp6 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 25538/sshd. The command above using grep shows port 22 only and sshd service is listening on that port … Use the ss Command. netstat is not install on Ubuntu by default… the ss command is installed as a replacement for netstat..

How to Use netstat on Linux The listing includes TCP (IP), TCP6 (IPv6), and UDP sockets. The wrap-around in the terminal window makes it a little difficult to see what is going on. Here’s a couple of sections from that listing: How can I disable TCP/IPv6 permanently? - Microsoft Community Jan 03, 2018 #288 (v2.3.1/IPv6 with proto tcp6 fails to launch; proto proto tcp6-server. or. proto tcp6-client. there is not really a "proto tcp6" (though the fact that it accepts the configuration and then crashes is a bug indeed).

Update: after a switch off and on (the simple reboot instruction does not provide the same result) the 1880 port was free. a node-red-stop and then a node-red-start are needed in …

TCP6. Organism. Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) (Lycopersicon esculentum) Status. Unreviewed-Annotation score: -Experimental evidence at transcript level i. Function i GO - Molecular function i. DNA-binding transcription factor activity Source: GO NodeJS defaults to IPv6 when listening for connections

How to Use netstat on Linux

Jun 13, 2020 Solved: Tomcat server unavailable on tcp6 (IPV6) Apr 23, 2012 Elasticsearch port 9200 or 9300? - Discuss the Elastic Stack