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Jul 25, 2018 Find missing emails in Yahoo Mail | Yahoo Help - SLN4538 Desktop apps, like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mac Mail, can access Yahoo Mail using POP. Copies of your email download to the app, so actions in the app won't affect your account. One POP setting, however, will delete email from your account when it's downloaded. To disable the "delete emails from server" option, contact your app manufacturer. yahoo mail not able to delete messages from inbox | AT&T Mar 17, 2017 Tip: How to Quickly and Easily Get Rid of Old E-Mails - Yahoo

Mail you retrieve using a computer’s mail program is deleted from the mail server after it’s picked up. That behavior is normal. Your phone cannot pick up mail from the server if a computer has already deleted it. Deleting mail on the server isn’t a problem for Gmail. No matter how you access your Gmail account, from your phone or from a

5. Manually (even accidentally, or not understanding the difference between labels/folders, or deleting duplicate copies of e-mail) 6. Compromised account (a sub-set of #5) 7. The e-mail retention policy set in an e-mail client (like Outlook or Apple Mail) or for G-Suite accounts (a domain NOT @gmail.com). 4/10/2010 · I have set up Microsoft Outlook to send and receive my Yahoo account emails but every time I receive a message when using Outlook it is deleted from my Yahoo account! I have ticked the box on Outlook to say that I wish to keep messages on Yahoo but it keeps on deleting them ! 1/11/2009 · Why does yahoo keep deleting the emails in my inbox? And is there any way to prevent this? The emails arent' even that old, they are like one or two weeks old and they just keep getting deleted. I thought maybe somebody had hacked into my account and so I changed my password but it just keeps happening again. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Can recieve but Can't send mail from my yahoo address